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What is My End Of Life NW and what services does it provide?

My End Of Life NW is a service to those who are looking for assistance in all aspects of Advanced Care Planning, Holistic Elder Care Management and Holistic End Of Life Care. My End Of Life NW offers a wide variety of services and support. These Services encompass, but are not limited to: In depth assistance in understanding, filling out and notarizing of Advanced Directives, holistic end of life support to patients and families, holding vigil at bedside to the actively dying and respite. As well as, assistance with after death preparations, including after death care and assistance with arranging Home Funerals and Wakes.

About My End Of life NW founder Cassidy Bastien

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Cassidy was born in the greater Seattle area and was raised between Montana and Washington State.  She lives just north of Seattle and serves the greater Seattle area. She is a Certified End Of Life Doula and Doulagiver Specialist, training under Suzanne 'O Brien founder of The Doulagivers Institute. Cassidy has been a Certified End Of Life doula the last two years, gaining her National End Of Life Doula Alliance Proficiency Badge just after her Doulagiver EOLD in house certification. Cassidy has also been a Certified Nurses Aide the last 18 going on 19 years, as well as just completing her Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses Aide. She has spent the last 5 years and counting, serving the greater Seattle area as a Hospice Nurses Aide. She has a deep knowledge of the End Of Life process and the support families and their loved ones need on the End Of Life journey. Cassidy is also a fierce advocate for caregivers, founding the Caregivers Hub Support group on FB in 2016. There are now 6.8k members all over the world seeking support, knowledge and advocacy. 

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