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Care Consulting, is for those who are looking to come up with a practical plan to be able to age well, with an emphasis on quality of life. Care Care Consulting can entail many different aspects of Advanced Care Planning that can be specifically tailored to your needs. You get to choose how you age, where and how you want to be cared for, who you want to advocate for you when you are not able to advocate for yourself and to ensure that your families know exactly what you want as you want for YOUR End Of Life. 

Care Consultants help with the following:

  • Advanced Directives

  • Assisting with Estate Planning

  • Organization and downsizing

  • Living Well Plans Of Care

  • Exploring and finding care options that work for your lifestyle

  • Assisting in Funeral and memorial arrangements

  • Assisting to arrange obituaries or Eulogies 

  • Assisting in the planning and arranging of home Funerals and Wakes 

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